Data selection

The following types of selection are possible:

  • Time based
  • Subject based

Time based selection

Time based data selection can be performed by using the timeframe selection toolbar at the top of the chart, or by marking an area of the chart (see screenshot below). Any interval down to a quarter of an hour can be chosen.

Subject based selection

The following categories are available for subject based selections:

  • Filter (shortlist, power, gas or all)
  • Group (balancing & volumes or exchange)
  • Value Type (Price [EUR/MWh], Volume [MWh] or Costs [EUR])

It is possible to select multiple time series into one chart; however, it often doesn’t make sense to combine time series with different units. The timeframe can then be selected via the toolbar at the top of the chart.

Auction data is selected according to the following criteria:

  • Product group (MOL, SRL or TRL)
  • Direction (delivery or purchase)
  • Product (e.g. SRL Peak +)

Direct selection of an area in the chart

The user can perform a sub selection of the data by selecting an area in the chart directly. A further subject based or time based selection is possible via the respective control elements in the chart area.