Chart types

EnergyMonitor has two types of charts:

  • Default charts
  • User-defined charts

Default charts

The default charts are accessed via the Gas and Power tabs in the top menu bar.

User-defined charts

To create user-defined charts select the Workbench tab in the top menu bar. The Workbench menu offers a choice of time series and chart types. The following chart types are available:

 Single axis time series:

  • Quarter-hourly
  • Aggregated

 Dual axis time series:

  • Scatter plots
  • Box plots
  • Distribution charts

Quater hourly single axis time series

The values of your chosen time series are plotted to a resolution of a quarter of an hour. The time dimension is always plotted on the X-axis, and the values are plotted on the Y-axis. Up to six time series per chart can be selected – but it is important to remember that displaying time series with different units along a common Y-axis may not yield meaningful information. You can switch between line graph, bar chart and scatter plot representation of data.

Aggregated single axis time series

Using the toolbar in the chart area, the data can be aggregated by hour, day or year. The toolbar also offers a choice between sum, mean, min. & max., and standard deviation aggregation functions. A particular aggregation function may be most suitable for a certain type of time series (e.g. the sum function for volume, or the mean function for price data). The system uses quarter hourly values to make the mean, min. & max, and standard deviation calculations.

Dual axis time series

“Dual axis” refers to a chart with two Y-axes, making it possible to combine multiple time series with different units (useful as a way of putting price and volume trends in perspective). An example of where these capabilities might be required is plotting the clearing price on the Y1-axis and control area Delta on the Y2-axis. All values are plotted as line graphs, on grids with quarter-hourly intervals.


Correlation plots allow you to visualise relationships between two different time series by plotting one on the X-axis and the other on the Y-axis. The points are plotted to a resolution of a quarter of an hour.

Box plots

The box plots display the minimum, maximum and median values, and quantiles. The quantiles are continuously scalable (default values 25% and 75%).

Distribution charts

The user can review the histogram of a time series to gain a rough idea of its distribution. EnergyMonitor’s histogram function features an adjustable bin size (Box Size command in the upper right-hand corner of the chart area).