Graphics at a glance

Power Graphics
Aggregate Consumption Consumption per 15 minutes Day Ahead Prices
Intraday Prices Exchange Volumes Future Base Year Prices
Future Base Year as Boxplot Imbalance in 15 minutes Aggregated Imbalance
Accumulation of Imbalance Imbalance/Consumption Ratio Set. Price & Imbalance
Set. Price @ Imbalance Set. Price & Spot Prices Balancing Costs
Energy vs. Capacity Costs


Gas Graphics

Aggregated Consumption Austria Aggregated Consumption East Aggregated Consumption West
Consumption per Hour Austria Consumption per Hour East Consumption per Hour West
Daily Reference Price Daily Refenence Volume Imbalance per Hour East
Imbalance per Hour West Aggregated Imbalance East Aggregated Imbalance West
Accumulated Imbalance East Accumulated Imbalance West Imbalance/Consumption Ratio East
Imbalance/Consumption Ratio West Hourly Balanced Prices East Hourly Balanced Prices West
Daily Balanced Prices East Daily Balanced Prices West Balancing Prices  2012
Hourly Balanced Volumes East Hourly Balanced Volumes West Daily Volume with CEL East
Daily Volume with CEL West Daily Volume without CEL East Daily Volume without CEL West

Calls on VHP and MOL East Calls on VHP and MOL West



Single Axis Dual Axis Correlation
Boxplot Histogram