Visualise your data

Many organisations in the energy sector publish data voluntarily or to comply with legal obligations. They usually post this data on their sites in Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents or stand-alone graphics. Users with special research interests download it and process it according to their needs.

Working with spreadsheet data is usually very time consuming. Often, the same data is processed again and again to generate sets of statistics and charts. One-click access to a chart via EnergyMonitor can save a lot of time, combining different types of data. For instance, imagine viewing the delta of a control area, and clearing and exchange prices in a single chart.

EnergyMonitor lets you integrate and visualise your data. Because it uses a consolidated database, it enables users to correlate and cross-reference data. We can draw on our visualisation expertise to give you all the advice and support you need.

You can use EnergyMonitor’s powerful visualisation features to tune up the presentation of your organisation’s numbers. And we would be delighted to host your and publish your energy market data!

Ask us about EnergyMonitor's powerful data visualisation features.