Charting the markets

EnergyMonitor gives you access to a vast store of energy market data, all held in a single central database. This contains information on:

  • Power and gas output
  • Power and gas consumption
  • Power and gas imbalance volumes and balancing prices
  • Power exchange traded volumes and prices

The EnergyMonitor Data catalog provides a detailed listing of available data.

The data is fed to our database at quarter-hourly, hourly, daily and monthly intervals, and becomes instantly accessible.

The Workbench

Explore! EnergyMonitor offers default charts (under the Power and Gas menus), but also lets you customise the way data is presented. You can choose from the chart types in the Timeseries or Auction menu.

You can also select the granularity of the data in terms of time (from 15 minutes to an hour or a year). To support comparisons between gas and electricity data, all data entries are quarter-hourly.

Database response times

In the interests of rapid access we have dispensed with user registration. Users are anonymous, and all queries are dealt with in the same way. Response times depend on the type of data requested, the nature and scope of the query, and the number of users concurrently accessing the database. The scope of the historic data may be reduced in cases where the volume would affect response speed.