About EnergyMonitor

We believe transparency is crucial to efficient energy markets. Well presented, reliable and timely information is key to fair competition and prompt action to maintain security of supply. That’s why we decided to create the APCS EnergyMonitor. It provides the transparency you need to keep up to date with ever more complex and fast-moving market developments.

EnergyMonitor is your market dashboard. It delivers easy and open access to energy data from a wide range of sources. And it lets you choose from a variety of visualisations and plots to customise your comparisons.

Transparency is all about equal access to information. That is the vision behind this portal. The data in the EnergyMonitor cloud is accessible by everyone anytime. Furthermore all data found in the Open Data area is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Such data is not only accessible by everyone, with only a few exceptions it can also be used freely.

Aims & Objectives

The aims of EnergyMonitor are to:

  • Collect Austrian energy data from a wide range of sources;
  • Consolidate energy data in a central database;
  • Provide visualisations, statistics and downloads (except for restricted data);
  • Enable users to identify energy sector trends by offering a wide choice of data sets and comparisons;
  • Serve an unrestricted user community, including government decision-makers, legislators, regulators, interest groups, academic researchers and journalists.

Restrictions and use of information

EnergyMonitor is a gateway to information from third parties. Because the agreements with some of these organisations restrict the use of the data, not all of it is available for download.

APCS reserves the right to amend or modify published data, or to limit its scope.

Data availability is subject to technical constraints which may sometimes affect the IT infrastructure or interrupt data synchronisation.

Where not explicitly stated otherwise, commercial use of the data and visualisations provided on the EnergyMonitor portal is strictly prohibited. For more information see Legal notice (Terms and Conditions).